The strength and beauty of nature

Spilinga is a village in Calabria (south of Italy), which is situated on the slopes of Monte Poro.
It’s near Capo Vaticano and is located in the province of Vibo Valentia.

It has a mainly agricultural economy.
Very famous are cheeses and cold cuts including “‘nduja” spicy sausage known throughout the world.

The ancient dwellings, habits, customs and language are affected a lot of influences Byzantine, Arab, Norman  and other cultures who occupied it.
To the right of the village, the land falls into a steep, uncultivated, rugged and beautiful valley.
In the valley there are the ruins of 9 mills: ancient centers of meetings, exchanges and work.

The mills had enormous importance for the economy of our area until 1959
when, because of the flood of Fiumara (small river) were severely damaged, they were abandoned
and the brambles and ivy covered them.

 Hence the idea to bring them to light, to advertise,
to make useable routes respecting nature.

Visit the valley means immersing yourself in a pristine place of breathtaking beauty
where nature reigns supreme.

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