The Present and the Future of the “Valley of Mills”


Today  the area of the broad stream is no longer an economic point of reference for the resident population, like it was in the past, so with our project we wanted to bring to the light and enhance it by creating a natural and historical path while preserving the ecosystem.

progetto 2011 016

We were thus able to make the path of the torrent Ruffa accessible  to all, to make know the flora and fauna that inhabit it, to relive the history of the water mills and it’s patrons, to admire the rocks, gorges, ravines.

Presentazione standard1

In addition, we have not only enticed tourists that finding to vacation in the coastal municipalities adjacent to Spilinga, to visit the valley immersed in a pristine place of outstanding beauty where nature reigns supreme, but above all we were able to arouse the inhabitants of the place the desire to revisit those places, abandoned for a long time and relive the uses, customs and past human activities.

993324_534485769933452_963135449_n 1069857_213564658793325_631440384_n IMG_6124

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