Final meeting in Poland

Final meeting in Poland summed up all the action in the two-year project. Meeting began at the headquarters of the Mine of Art Association. Representatives of all the countries discussed the local action in their countries and gave their opinions on the quality of cooperation in the project. Purpose of the meeting was to present the project’s products about cultural heritage: team from Italy prepared the leaflet on the town of Spilinga and local water mills, Turkish team the leaflet on alaca weaving, Polish – book about the history of Hagera Street (industrial area in Zabrze).

Lunch was enjoyed locally – empty plates tell their own tale!

meals matter -empty plates tell their own story


meals matterThe same day, all partners had opportunity to see local activities during Industriada – the feast of the Industrial Monuments Route of the Silesian Province is a one-day festival held once a year in June.

The Silesian region has some very well preserved historical communities – built in the late C19th and designed to provide working families with good quality accommodation and healthy open spaces:

reviving tradtinonal communities 1

These communities have suffered neglect until recently but through community effort have overcome many vicissitudes and are now becoming, once again, vibrant places in which to live.

Celebration is therefore highly appropriate!

rvvng 2

rvvng 3 wdng

rvvng 4

All activities organized by The Mine of Art Association held in Maciej Shaft in Zabrze – complex of buildings of the former hard coal mine Concordia (later “Pstrowski”) situated in the district of Zabrze – Maciejów. During the evening participants could take part in concerts, see original machines which used to work for the purposes of the mine – learn about their construction and application, see mapping on the wall of the building, measure the pressure of the event and participate in dance workshops. That day on Maciej Shaft there were about 3 000 participants from Silesia and other tourists.



There was music and dance:

rock on

which had visitors ready and willing to join:

we need to dance

dance we will


And of course, there was, for everyone, local food:

local person, local food

Next day, after huge celebrations, Polish team showed second face of local, Silesian heritage – castle museum in PszczynaUnknown

At Pszczyna was more evidence of a growing interest in heritage issues. There was not only the building and its contents (a remarkable survival through conflicts and communist control) but an exhibition of ‘classic’ motor-bikes and Polish police from the 1930s

passion for heritage 1930s police

The group then returned to Zabrze and went underground…. into the deep Guido coal mine which shows the reality of working miners 320 metres underground.

the new shift arrives in the mine

Some of the new ‘miners’ approached the visit with a sense of curious uncertainty.

Others were very relaxed!

exhausted miner


Partnership meeting ended with gala dinner.

finl dinner Poland


All partners would like to work together in the future in other partnerships project.

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