Local activities during Industriada

Industriada – the feast of the Industrial Monuments Route of the Silesian Province is a one-day festival held once a year in June, in the industrial sites located within the Silesian Province.
This is an exceptional day when “technology attracts people” and industrial spaces are filled with diverse events. On this one Saturday in June not only enthusiasts of industrial monuments have the opportunity to discover how interesting the industrial heritage of our region is.
Industriada comprises numerous concerts, spectacles, artistic performances, exhibitions, happenings, shows and different competitions and creative workshops engaging mostly children and youths and lasting from the morning until late night hours.

This year The Mine of Art Association organized dance workshops with flashmob happening and music workshops in Maciej Shaft – one of the monument inscribed on the Industrial Monuments Route of the Silesian Province.

DANCE WORKSHOPS: Association has prepared a special stage where classes were conducted learning dance steps. Workshops involved a large number of participants – took part in them about 50 people. An additional advantage was the fact that the workshops were held in a post industrial place, now used for cultural purposes.


After the first exercise coach selected group of dancers who performed a spontaneous action flashmob. It was a way to promote the cultural heritage that came especially to young people, involving them in a common play and learn. Participants performed dance in the audience gathered in the Maciej Shaft.


MUSIC WORKSHOPS: during Industriada we also ogranized music workshops, where audience had opportunity to learn traditional silesian songs with folk band.
4Here you can see spontaneous reaction of participants



Industriada this year brought together 3000 people – what was the biggest event so far carried out by our association. Our organization also worked with local authorities -the Mayor of Zabrze participated in the event. Final meeting of this procject during Industriada were made ​​by young, enthusiastic volunteers from The Mine of Art Association. Great success of Industriada showed how much we have done for the local community and how important it is to promote the cultural heritage in an innovative way that will interest visitors and residents.
Presentation of the works of shaft machine:
Lovers of cultural heritage:
In addition to the workshops, dance and musical association organized a party for children called “Kinderindustriada” where they where children can take part in experiments and experiments with water:

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