History in images – ‘industrial area’ of Iasi


The Nicolina mechanical factory, Ciurea brick factory and the Cigarette Factory – all from Iasi – expired slowly and painfully during the past few years, after the privatization. On the places where once stood successful factories, one can now see ruins, robbed even of the recyclable steel bars protruding from stripped structures, waiting to be demolished and the terrains sold. Around 100.000 families from Iasi have been left without their main source of income after the shutting down of these factories, which are just an insignificant percentage of the 1200 enterprises that saw their last days during the past 20 years of clumsy Romanian capitalism…

After several years of just standing in ruins, without any economical activity, in 2012, Nicolina factory was completely demolished.

Constructed with Ciurea bricks in the early 1900, a series of building in Nicolina are true works of art presenting the industrial architecture trend and reminding about the specific Nordic buildings, sober and noble. More over, for the way in which they look, some of them are more beautiful than countless constructions erected after 1989 in the county. This scenary is given by the red brick of Ciurea as well as the very good level of conservation. Although the exterior architectural forms are not complex, these building fully deserved to be conservated.

Unfortunately, only two objectives are being proposed to be listed under the class of historical monuments of Iasi.9781a676-6b38-4654-959b-919ec52f3e69wallpaper

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