Burdur is a province of Turkey, located in the southwest and bordering Muğla and Antalya to the South, Denizli to the West, Afyon to the North, and Isparta to the East. It has an area of 6,887 km² and a population of 246,134, the provincial capital is Burdur city.
Burdur is located in the “Lakes Region” of Turkey and has many lakes of various sizes, largest of which, Burdur Lake, is named after the province. Salda Lake is the second largest lake in the province and is considered to be one of the cleanest lakes in the world.
Burdur’s economy relies on agriculture. 75% of active population do forestry, agriculture and animal husbandry.Industry has developed rapidly in Burdur.
It is one of the most-milk and meat producing center. The agricultural industry is undeniable as well.Burdur is connected by qualified road to the neighboring provinces Denizli, Afyon, Antalya and Isparta.It has an airport named “Suleyman DEMİREL” which can be used for domestic and international flights.
Railway transporatation is also avaible.
Anybody in and around Burdur knows how to dance.
Education in Burdur has become a brand in Turkey. According to the last 5 years SBS, and YGS (High school and universty entrance exam) results Burdur has gained a considerable reputation in Turkey. The average number of students in classes is below the average of the classes in whole Turkey. With its universty, high schools, primary schools, schools for mentally and physically disabled students,publich schools, elementary schools etc.. Burdur has the ultimate conditions and offers a great opportunity for learners.

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