Alaca Weaving

——Alaca is a cottony cloth that has mostly yellow sticks on a red ground.It’s divided into two groups as cottony and silky.Alaca is also called ‘beş parmak’(five fingers).Alaca is a very long lasting and useful cloth and it’s weaved in different regions in Anatolia for many years.
Burdur is one of these regions and has an important place in alaca weaving.We don’t know exactly when the alaca weaving started in Burdur,but we’re sure that alaca weaving has been used for over a century.
Alaca weaving was an important pipe line until 1950s.For refreshing the alaca weaving that are forgetten like the other hand crafts,some projects are being done by The Burdur Municipality,the Governorship of Burdur,Province Private Administration and Public Training Centre.At first,alaca is sold for souveniers,but today it’s used for clothing like used centuries ago thanks to these projects.
In Burdur,fabric known as ‘ALACA WEAVING’takes an important place in production.But for the last fifty years,alaca fabric weaving couldn’t compete with the high technological qualified fabric weaving and tended to be lost.
Thanks to this project,we intend to bring life to the weaving again.We started our alaca weaving course in October especially for unemployed and disabled women.At the end of this project,we also intend to increase the self esteem of these women and make them feel better while not only expressing themselves but also bringing their cultures to other nationalities.

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