First Games Evening

The project work promoted by the UK partner is to encourage community development through exploring traditional pub games.

However carefully considered, researched and discussed, this type of activity is essentially social and the UK group began with very informal discussions held in fields, lanes and inevitably Public Houses.  Local people included farmers, young and old, forestry workers, long-distance wagon drivers, ecologists,  – and inevitably, a range of Publicans and Hotel owners.

An informal plan – being rather a series of ‘expressions of intent’ agreed with several pubs was produced and after several postponements due to clashes with YFC evenings, football and most importantly (being Wales) International rugby matches a first games evening was held in the early Spring of 2012 in The Sarn Inn – as illustrated below.

International Rugby takes precedence over a Pub Games evening – the effects of a long afternoon! Bryn, on the left, a local gamekeeper, had earlier in the day had made a special effort to catch rabbits for the pub restaurant. Kevin is also an occasional supplier of venison – and enthusiastic supporter of the Pub Games Movement.

The emphasis on the first evening was on popular but now rarely used games such as ‘shove ha’penny’

Kevin engaging in an ‘experiential learning session’.

The enthusiastic student becomes the dynamic teacher!

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