Games at The Anchor

As part of the UK Partnership meeting a Traditional Table-Top Games Evening was held at the isolated Anchor pub on the English-Welsh Border.

The Anchor, with roads spanning out north, south, east and west is an ancient and important cross-roads high in the hills of the Clun Forest (389 metres) is the most westerly point in England on the border with Wales.

the anchor

The Anchor provides not only good food but a delightful dining context with rooms hidden away through corridors and narrow staircases. Our guests, from Romania, Italy, Poland & Turkey were genuinely entranced by the whole experience.

On arrival guests ‘encountered’ some of the games – here Turks and Poles debate the purpose of an apparently simple wooden box.

2007-05-08 20.32.35

Then the Turkish visitors were subjected to the ordeal of trying to understand the complexities game ‘Sorry’. Fortunately, Carol, one of the UK hosts proved to be a sympathetic and expert advisor.

2007-05-08 20.36.38


contemplation of game






Following introductions to a variety of games a meal was served to the whole company

2007-05-08 21.05.56

Tradition, at the Anchor, is not confined to the Pub Games. The meal follows tradition in every respect – excellent traditional food, high quality local Ales and all served with traditional cutlery, table clothes & layout.

Anchor food

Following the meal, for Giuseppe & Pasquale, it was back to the traditional games.

2007-05-08 23.13.39

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