Wales Meeting

1.03 – 4.03.2013
During partnership meeting in Wales group discussed progress and future plans in the project.

all involved

For the final meeting in Poland every partner agreed to begin to develop develop additional products: Romania – book about history of Nicolina Factory, Poland-brochure about Hagera Street, Italy – brochure about project, Turkey – leaflet about weaving. Some of these would involve work beyond the end of the project.

Next the group strolled through the old Welsh border town of Clun:


Stuck in the ford – or just the local car wash?

car wash

Across the River Clun

crossing the clun


crsng clun 2

Over the castle ruins

castle ruins

And back over the River Clun by the mediaeval bridge

the old bridge

At Trinity Hospital, built as almshouses in the C17th, it would seem that Pasquale met some old friends:

Thity hospital - Pasquale meets old friends

pasquale & friends

After this pleasant encounter the group eventually made its way to the Anchor Inn for an evening of traditional pub games.

On 3rd March, the group crossed the border into Wales

crssng the border

The walked over the hill to Montgomery passing the the County War memorial to the the jagged ruins of the old Royal castle



The partnership meeting ended with traditional singing songs from every countries.


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